I feel that the back cover “blurb” should give us a clear idea of what the stories about without giving too much away. Here it is. WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER Dealing with mean girls, bullies and the elusive boy next door can play havoc with anyone’s self-esteem. But as graduation approaches, Ottawa high school senior Erin Moynahan faces a few unique challenges. Eleven years ago, brain tumors threatened Erin’s life. Her neurologist mother created a powerful new serum to help her survive. Erin did more than just survive. Now, the serum is enhancing her physical and intellectual abilities at an alarming rate. Can she learn to control these abilities before they threaten her sanity? And, can she harness her powers to thwart an imminent danger, the ghosts of her father’s military past, lurking just beyond the horizon?  
ERIN MOYNAHAN  Norm Ackland 2016