ERIN MOYNAHAN  Norm Ackland 2016
It was January - 2012 when this story first came to me. It was never on my bucket list to write a book. Perhaps it’s best to refer to the preface of the novel to help explain the origins of Erin Moynahan.
I’d like to dedicate this novel to my parents, James and Eleanor George, who reside together forever in heaven. Since this story came to me from out of the blue, I’d like to think that perhaps my parents planted the seed of this story in my mind. I guess I’ll never know for sure, but it’s a nice thought.
There are many people who helped me during this frustrating, aggravating, terrifying, but extremely satisfying journey. However, I’d like to mention two in particular - Norm Ackland (the real Midnight Elvis) and Catherine McDonald. Both of them have been there for me right from the beginning. They’ve both shown an abundance of passion and enthusiasm with regards to the story. They’ve also been very generous with their time and effort.
I feel that this story falls into its own unique niche. Chances are the book would probably be found in the YA section of the bookstore. However, it’s not typical of what you’d find in that section nowadays. There are no vampires, werewolves, witches, costumed crime fighters, or dystopian future worlds anywhere in sight. (There are some great authors who can bring those stories to life much better than I.) My story is set in the real world and involves a young girl who is given a gift. How she uses it will determine her fate and the fate of those she loves.
For many years I’ve enjoyed action-adventure stories such as 
Indiana Jones, the Bourne series, and comic book heroes from both
Marvel and DC. Therefore it’s not surprising that the story that came to me would fall into this genre.
In all these great stories there is a common thread. We care about the hero. On a certain level we somehow relate to them. The great heroes have to overcome self-doubt, inner conflict, morality issues, and other adversities. Perhaps their triumph gives us hope. Maybe they can inspire us to overcome our adversities as well.