ERIN MOYNAHAN  Norm Ackland 2016
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Fans of mystery, science fiction, the superhero genre, high school life, and stories that simply break the mold will find Erin Moynahan by Brian George riveting and enveloping -
A brilliant mother may have saved her life with an experimental serum, but Erin begins to question what sort of life she will be living from then on in Brian George's Erin Moynahan . The story acts as a superhero origin tale, while also wrapping an air of mystery around and through the rest of the narrative, especially concerning her family. Fans of mystery, science fiction, the superhero genre, high school life, and stories that simply break the mold will find Erin Moynahan by Brian George riveting and enveloping. The line between what makes a set of abilities a gift or a curse is crossed and examined thoroughly throughout this book. Along with that notion is a question of the nature of humanity, as Erin changes and adapts with her new higher intellect and physical prowess. This story takes a critical look at where human may become superhuman, and what that could mean for the average person. Set in a recognizable view of the world, it is easy for the reader to feel like he or she is a part of the story. This means that the audience can not help but find themselves invested in what happens to Erin, curious about what she will do next, and at times worried or even scared for the characters. The writing is heartfelt and vivid, and the story itself is engrossing and layered.
The nature of the story itself lets the audience think about what kind of responsibilities can come with the kind of power Erin is given. This leads to discussions of what that means for a teenage girl who already has the typical problems of someone that age. Some readers may find themselves asking how much would be too much for them personally, if they were to be in Erin's position. Truly, this is a case of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' and is well deserving of a read. Brian George's Erin Moynahan can be purchased through a number of avenues, and is worth much more than the price.
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The following review was submitted by McWood Publishing LLC. They nominated my novel as a finalist for Book of the Year for 2015. The book was reviewed by T's Blogging Sept. 28 2015. Death is quickly approaching and there's nothing anyone can do, but for whatever reason Erin's parents, refuses to allow the disease to kill her. With no other choice but to try an experimental drug on their child something spectacular takes place, and the young girl will never be the same. From the very beginning of this YA novel, readers will become absorbed in a tale that evolves into an action-packed read. Author Brian George starts the story out by taking readers on a sentimental journey, allowing them to witness a dying child at the sea of death who eventually matures into a raging killing machine. Talk about a twisting plot. In the beginning readers are shown the importance of life, only to be taught the need to survive by any means necessary even if that involves taking the lives of others. But the question avid readers and booklovers want answered: Is the book worth your time reading or your money? Hands down..., this is a phenomenal book. While at times the story and certain scenes read rushed, George makes up for the shortcoming by telling a story that allows readers to become emotionally and imaginatively invested. This is indeed a #must read. I give Erin Moynahan 5 out of 5 stars and rate this a Publisher's Read. T's Blogging      The following are reviews provided by real people who’ve actually read the Erin Moynahan novel. I would never create false reviews in order to try and entice someone to buy my novel: Erin Moynahan has everything you want in an action story! There's a ton of realistic, fast paced action, baddies that you will enjoy hating, and a great bunch of good people that you'll want to follow into every new adventure. The story could be happening on your own street, in your home town, which adds to the authentic feel of the book. As amazing as Erin is, she could be the girl next door- the one that babysits for you. Read the book! You'll be wanting to read more from Brian George.                                                     Fred Elder- August 31 2014 Erin Moynahan is a fast paced novel suitable for any age. The characters stayed with me long after I read the book. The details in the story were well researched and helped make it so believable. If you like reading action packed stories, I highly recommend this one!                                                     Aly Hebb- August 27 2014 Erin Moynahan is a great novel! It caught my attention in the first few pages and kept me interested to read further. It is a novel that covers family concerns, bonding of true friendships, and action packed scenes that you do not want to miss. This novel will paint the picture of every character, mainly Erin with her life experiences and everyone she encounters from the good, the bad, and the ugly. I would highly recommend Erin Moynahan as it is definitely worth reading. Looking forward to hearing more from Brian George                                                     Catherine McDonald- August 28 2014   Erin Moynahan is a wonderful book to read, it's thrilling to read about a young lady and her strong willed development throughout the novel. The action packed scenes are very descriptive and keeps you glued to the pages.                                                      M. F. Iannelli- August 31 2014   Erin Moynihan, the splendid new novel from first time author Brian George is a tour de force that stacks up with any of the giants of the genre. At once a coming of age story it is also a riveting tale of revenge and intrigue that will keep readers thirsting for more. George's prose flows easily and the action is well paced building to an explosive and satisfying conclusion. With rich well rounded characters we follow Erin as she struggles to come to terms with her new power while dealing with the challenges of adolescence. Its themes of family and loyalty have universal appeal while the culturally relevant theme of anti-bullying and perseverance are handled with aplomb. Its truly a book that will inspire and empower teens, its target audience, but will entertain people of all ages.  Were sure to be hearing a lot more about Mr. George as the buzz builds ...                                                     Dave Kiewiet- Sept 8 2014   Author, Brian George, has outdone himself with his debut fictional novel Erin Moynahan. This is a truly fascinating story of a struggling little girl who develops into an extraordinary young woman that possesses a powerful gift. How she, her father and a few close friends deal with Erin's abilities as well as some extremely unsavory characters is developed superbly throughout the story. The novel is extremely well written, very descriptive, and provides the reader with lots of action, excitement and a plethora of emotions. I am looking forward to Brian's next novel which I am hoping is in the works!                                                      Lynne Chellew- Oct 1 2014   Hi Brian- I just got done your book and found it amazing. I had a hard time putting it down. You did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed it.                                                     Deb Mustos- Feb 28 2015 I thoroughly enjoyed Erin Moynahan. It was very exciting and suspenseful and very difficult to put down once I started reading it.                                                       Mildred Elder- February 2016  Dear, Brian George  You're book was amazing, I could not put it down. I think I finished it in a week. You did fantastic and I could tell you spent a lot of work, time and effort. I would critique it 10/10 to anyone.  You did an amazing job!!! My favorite part in the novel would have to be the end when the big fight occurred between Erin and Kat. But, I also loved the Midnight Elvis scene. I truly loved all the action packed fights and I thank you, Brian, for creating this novel! It was perfect!                                             Sarah Steckly- April 2016